Zonder commentaar. Wij zijn namelijk politiek zeer correct. Neutraal. Kleurloos. Apolitiek zo je wil.
We hadden er eerder al over bericht, maar wilden jullie enkele recente quotes en video's van (extreem)rechtse nationale politici en Europarlementariërs niet onthouden:

When it comes to freedom, more and more I feel that our constitutional rights and our human rights have been kidnapped, and that we have to pay ransom, every six months, one year, we have to pay ransom to get our freedoms back. This is simply unacceptable. Our rights are unalienable, that means that no kidnapper can take them from us.

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić MEP

Persconferentie Ivan Vilibor Sinčić

This decision will be made for your children and your childrens' children as well. Your decision today will shape the society your children will have to live in. Your decision will determine whether your children will live in a free and democratic society or if they will be subjected to a surveillancing police state. Now I am determined to leave my children a free and democratic society. And this, I will fight for, tooth and nail. And should it be the last thing that I do on this planet? So be it.

Christine Anderson MEP

Persconferentie Christine Anderson MEP

We are witnessing right now the Chinafication of Europe, because we see what's happening in China right now with the social credit score, where the government is monitoring and surveilling all the people from beginning to end: everything they do, everywhere they walk, they control everything and they watch everything. This is the example of a tyranny, when the government knows everything about you.

Cristian Terheș MEP

Persconferentie Cristian Terheș

Ze proberen verdeeldheid te zaaien en dat mogen we niet laten gebeuren natuurlijk, want we moeten schouder aan schouder staan, ongeacht onze politieke overtuiging, ongeacht onze afkomst, ongeacht ons beroep, gevaccineerd of ongevaccineerd: we moeten schouder aan schouder staan voor onze vrijheid, en tégen die QR-identificatieplicht waarbij burgers elkaar moeten controleren en verklikken aan de overheid. Dat moeten we echt koste wat het kost tegenhouden.

Dries Vanlangenhove, Vlaams Belang geïnterviewd door Blue Tiger Studio (fragment vanaf 01:02:05)

Dries Vanlangenhove in Blue Tiger Studio